Lifelong study by Moralogy Education Promotion of Social Education Based on Moralogy and of Promotion of Social Contribution.


The Ortholinon Day(Jun. 7th)

  The Institute of Moralogy held the annual ceremony called “Dento-no-hi Kansha-no-tsudoi” (the Ortholinon Day Meeting of Gratitude), in Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture on June 7th.  About 10,500 members of the institute across the country participated. Some respectively from Taiwan, South Korea, the US and Brazil also joined the ceremony. They reconfirmed the purposes of Chikuro Hiroike(LL.D) in founding moralogy, a comprehensive human science,  and vowed to contribute to the development of moralogical activities.

  In the ceremony, Mototaka Hiroike, President of the Institute of Moralogy, delivered a speech, indicating his great appreciation for the members’ efforts to spread educational activities based on moralogy, and also encouraging them to strive to build their families, companies and countries on the basis of Supreme Morality.

  In the afternoon, Tsutomu Nishioka, President of the Association of Families of Victims Kidnapped by North Korea, and Shigeo Iizuka, brother of Yaeko Taguchi kidnapped by North Korea, respectively made a speech, appealing for the rescue of the victims as soon as possible.

  In addition, some events were also held, including Reitaku Junior and Senior High school students’ tea ceremony, moralogians’ art exhibition, a special exhibition about Chikuro Hiroike in Chikuro Hiroike Memorial Hall, the displays for sale of products selected from moralogians’ companies all over the country, etc.


Moralogy—Chikuro Hiroike coined the word ‘moralogy’ from the Latin word mores (meaning morality) and the suffix ‘-logy’ (meaning science) in order to distinguish his concept of moral science from that in common usage at the time.

Ortholinon—A word coined by Chikuro Hiroike, from the Greek orthos meaning ‘straight’ and linon meaning ‘thread’ — thus ‘line of succession.’  The word can refer both to a  series of great benefactors of humankind, or to a single exponent in such a series, according to context.

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