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The 6th Basic Course in Moralogy Held in Taiwan(March 27th-30th)


 The Institute of Moralogy held the 6th annual basic course in moralogy at the Taiwan Power Company Education Center in New Taipei City, Taiwan on March 27th-30th. Eighty people including Tam Kang University students participated.

   This course went on the Chinese textbook, whose title meaning in English, “The Guiding Principles for Moral Practice,” translated from the Japanese original, with Japanese lecturers through the consecutive interpretation. Participants learned much about moral values, including, for example, ‘the ideal of tripartite goodness,’ which means a situation where good is also done to people around one and to society, instead of benefiting only oneself and the other person with whom one is directly dealing.

   This time, 15 students from Tam Kang University(affiliated with Reitaku University)  also joined and studied moralogy. On the first day and the last day, they read “New Morals,” a magazine to study morals in daily life issued by the Institute of Moralogy, and talked about the importance of taking care of their parents.

 Next year too, the Institute of Moralogy will offer this course again, for participants are increasing year by year.

   Here are some comments from participants:
“I realize now how many people have supported me up till today.”
“I really want to say ‘Thank you’ to my parents who gave birth to me. I’ll spend my life with the heart of great appreciation to them.”

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