Lifelong study by Moralogy Education Promotion of Social Education Based on Moralogy and of Promotion of Social Contribution.


Moralogy Summer Camp(Jul. 29th-Aug. 7th)


 The Institute of Moralogy held 10-day“Moralogy Summer Camp” in Camping Field Kiso-Kodo, Nagano Prefecture.  36 children (Age 9-15 years old) from all over Japan participated.

 During the camp, children made a group, each consisitng of 4 to 5 people, and had to do all the works together everyday, cooking dishes, cleaning their tents and so on.  Such activities were intended to learn about teamwork and to have appreciation and consideration for others.

 Children enjoyed other activities as well–catching fish, hiking, the tea ceremony and cooking competition. They also  wrote letters to their parents every day.  These programs made the children’s eyes shine every day.

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