The Institute of Moralogy promotes ethical morals research and education for Japan.


An Attempt to Establish in New Science of Moralogy An extensive and voluminous work, completed over 70 years ago, anticipates the coming of moral crises of today and presents universal moral principles aiming at the promotion of world peace and the realization of human happiness.

TOWARDS SUPREME MORALITY is a translation of Dotokukagaku No Ronbun(A Treatise on Moral Science) published in 1928 by Chikuro Hiroike, founder of Moralogy. In his work, he presents universal moral principles based on his comparative study of conventional and ordinary morality and of “Supreme Morality” practiced by the world sages. Moralogy, “a special science of peace,” expounds the fundamental methods for promoting world peace and realizing human happiness.

Publication : The Institute of Moralogy

Preface to the Second Edition of the Treatise


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