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Corresponding to the reality of early childhood education – Session at Kashiwa-city, Chiba Prefecture

On July 23rd, the session was held at Kashiwa Lifelong Education Center of Moralogy Institute. 72 educators in the field of early childhood education participated, including 48 kindergarten teachers currently in service.
First, Ms. Sachiko Nishiyama from Lifelong Education Promotion Unit of Board of Education, Matsudo-city, gave a speech emphasizing their efforts in awareness raising on the importance of childhood education. A lecture was followed by Mr. Shiro Takahashi, Specially Appointed Professor at Graduate Schoold of Reitaku University, with a theme “Challenge in support for ‘parents’ education’ – from ‘iku-ji (education of oneself)’ to ‘iku-ji (education of child).”


Lecturer Sachiko Nishiyama 


Lecturer Shiro Takahashi

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