Moral Education Society

90% of participants serving for schools currently – Session at Konan-city, Aichi Prefecture


On August 1st, Moral Education Society was held at Suitopia Konan (Konan-city, Aichi Prefecture) (with support of MEXT, Board of Education for Aichi Prefecture, Konan-city, Board of Education for Konan-city). Approximately 140 participants joined, including currently serving schoolteachers, studying methods for moral education, text books, evaluation among others.
Mr. Kazuaki Takada (President of Association for Elementary and Junio High School for Konan-city) spoke about issues with Japanese education by comparing situation of education aboard using slides. “Education influences the future of the country. Let us strive ourselves with confidence that we are nurturing the treasure of our communities,” Mr. Takada encouraged the participants.
Mr. Norimasa Kawai (Part-time Lecturer at Shotoku Gakuin University, Gifu Prefecture) gave a lecture on essentials of teaching a class on morality, explaining “moral education is not about fostering good actions but good heart. It is important that teachers remind students how their way of thinking has changed.”


Almost all 140 participants are in-service teachers


Norimasa Kawai, Lecturer

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