Moral Education Society

Model class for moral education – Session at Takamatsu-city, Kagawa Prefecture

On August 2, Moral Education Society was held at Kagawa Kenmin Hall (Takamatsu-city, Kagawa Prefecture) (with support from MEXT, Kagawa Prefecture, Takamatsu-city, Marugame-city, Sakaide-city, Zendouji-shi, Kanonji-city, Kamisanuki-city, Higashi-kagawa-city, Mitoyo-city, Tonosho-town, Shodoshima-town, Miki-town, Naoshima-town, Utazu-town, Ayagawa-town, Kotohira-town, Tadotsu-town, Manno-town). Approximately 100 participants gathered, studying the Prefectural plan for basic education as well as presenting demonstration lessons for morality class.
Mr. Tetsuya Asami (Subject Coordinator for Education Unit, Elementary and Junio High School Education Division, MEXT) introduced examples of classes using materials used for morality classes in elementary and junior high schools. It was emphasized that it is important in moral classes to help children recognize how thier way of thinking has changed.
Mr. Takehiko Yamasaki (Lecturer for Educators, Moralogy Institute) further delivered a model class using examples of ‘wa (harmony), kou (filial piety), toku (virtue), kansha (gratitude)’ as the essential mindset as Japanese nationals. Many comments were raised by participants, filling the session with much joy and laughter.


Takehiko Yamasaki, Lecturer


Mock lessons have led to a lot of learning.

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