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Kyushu Executive Club Gathering was held

Approximately 90 people, mainly managers in Kyushu, participated

Greetings from Eisi Iwata and Kumamoto Morology Business Club Representative

On January 22nd, 2020, Kyushu Executive Club Gathering was held at ANA Crown Plaza Hotel Kumamoto New Castle (Chuo-ward, Kumamoto-city). Approximately 90 people participated in the lecture on personal development based on the business management with morality as well as presentation of corporate cases that introduced “Moral BIZ Program“.

Furthermore, newest publication “Principle of Integrated Management of Morality and Business” was introduced, drawing attention of many people.

Seminar on Integrated Management of Morality and Business held in Yamagata Prefecture

Tatsuhiko Nagaya Lecturer

On December 14th, 2019, Yamagata Prefecture Moralogy Association (represented by Sato Yasuhiro, President of Sato Garment) held Seminar on Integrated Management of Morality and Business (as part of open seminar of “Yamagata Do-kei School”) in cooperation with Yamagata Moralogy Business Club (represented by Masaaki Okada, President of Okada Design Inc.). With Mr. Masahiro Toda (President of Todaya Inc.) as the seminar chair, who will become the next president of Yamagata Prefectural Association, 24 business owners gathered at Yamagata Grand Hotel (Yamagata-city) from across the prefecture.

“Yamagata Do-kei School has continuously held its regular meetings over 30 years, and this time, we opened its door to general public in co-sponsorship with Yamagata Prefectural Association. Using half-a-day, we hope to learn business management that morality and economy work together to the fullest,” seminar started with the address by Mr. Okada. In the following session, Mr. Tatsuhiko Nagaya, Head of Corporate Center, and Mr. Daisetsu Fujii, Vice Head, gave lecture for Chapter 1 to 3 of the textbook “Business Management for Virtue” Mr. Hiroshi Saito, Former Governor of Yamagata Prefecture, also attended the seminar, listening carefully and occasionally showing an affirmative nodding. After the lecture, informal gathering; casual conversation with lecturers proved the seminar ended in success with lively atmosphere throughout.

Seminar on Integrated Management of Morality and Business held in Shimonoseki

Takashi Hara Lecturer

On November 24th, 2019, Seminar on Integrated Management of Morality and Business was hosted by Shimonoseki Moralogy Office. 35 businesspersons gathered at Kaikyo Messe Shimonoseki (Shimonoseki-city, Yamaguchi Prefecture).
Mr. Takashi Hara (Representative of One Nap Business Research, Instructor for Moralogy Business) gave a lecture about ‘business management of quality capital and moral-economy’ as well as ‘managing wealth with client making and manufacturing,’ using examples of companies.
In the future, collaboration with other moralogy offices in adjacent areas will be planned.

Three-way Virtue Society was held

Greetings from Mitsuo Sekine, managing director of the Three-way Virtue Society

Michio Tahara Lecturer (left side), Tatsuhiko Nagaya Lecturer

On November 20th, 2019, Three-way Virtue Seminar was hosted by Tokyo Chapter of Japan Morality Business Association. 41 participants gathered at Tokyo Research Center of Reitaku University (Shinjuku-ward, Tokyo).
Following the greeting by Mr. Mitsuo Sekine, Secretary General of Three-way Virtue Society (Representative Director of Heartland Inc. ), lectures were give on business management with principles of ‘San-po-zen (three-way virtue, meaning all involved parties are able to benefit),’ by Mr. Mitsuo Tahara (President of Softech Inc. Instructor for Moralogy Business) and Mr. Tatsuhiko Sueharu (Head of Corporate Center). Furthermore, several points were highlighted from the new textbook “Theory of Integrated Management of Morality and Business: business philosophy of Chikuro Hiroike and its modern development” that is to be published in February, 2020.

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