Business Seminar for Middle Management

Feeling the outcomes brought by teamwork

The seminar is aimed for leaders who work at the frontline of the corporate sector, as well as middle management to the prospective executive of companies.


Seminar starts with a lecture on “Kokoro” the mindset as a middle management); then, participants acquire “Waza” the skills to achieve innovation in the organization through practical workshops; finally, they will use “Karada” their body through outdoor activities to experience the strengthened bonds and synergies gained from teamwork.

Characteristics of the seminar

  • – Lecture on “Kokoro”: mindset as a middle management
  • – Workshop on “Waza”: learning communication and facilitation to enable innovation in organizations
  • – Outdoor activities using “Karada”: understanding the importance of strengthened bonds and synergies gained from teamwork

“Waza”: building a tower as tall as possible!

“Waza”: experiencing effective and productive meeting!

“Karada”: move forward feeling each other!

“Karada”: move forward feeling each other!

Integrated program of “Kokoro” “Waza” and “Karada”

Adding to the leadership (mind) and business skill development, team building activities will be implemented outside. 2-night 3-day seminar to learn the knowhow on maximizing the power of teams.

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