Step 1: Introductory Seminar for Lifelong Learning

Held at 450 venues nationwide! Moral Introductory Seminar

We all wish to live a life with purpose and filled with joy, to have a joyful family and live in a safe and sound society.
Moralogy Institute believes, to build a peaceful vibrant society, practicing high quality of moral act is important. Participants learn how to start a more joyful lives while dealing with various difficulties that occur in everyday lives.

Seminar contents (example)

Theme on various social issues

With the change of social environment, group specific lifelong seminars are being expanded highlighting themes such as “child rearing” and “families,”


At a seminar for women, participants learn such as differences in the way of thought process between men and women and effective way of speaking to children. Through concrete examples, participants discuss the essence for keeping good relationship with their spouse and quality child rearing.

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