Lecture on Integrated Management of Moral and Business

Secret of corporate continuity

In this seminar, participants study the “Integrated Management of Moral and Business” advocated by Chikuro Hiroike, the founder of Moralogy Institute, and explore how to utilize his philosophy in the business management today. Human lives are consisted of spiritual and material activities, which can be said the same for corporations. Hiroike believed rules of spiritual aspect stems from morality and that of material aspect is based on economy, naming their comprehensive management as “integrated management of moral and business” and considered as one of the general laws of the nature. Secret for sustainable advancement of companies are to be found in this philosophy.

Characteristics of the seminar

  • – Learning the basic principles and theory of “Integrated Management of Moral and Business” from the books of Chikuro Hiroike
  • Learning about the “quality capital,” the most essential resource of companies, and management principles of ‘San-po-zen (three-way virtue, meaning all involved parties are able to benefit) to enable sustainable development of corporate activities.
Executives of more than 100 companies participating every year
Participants carefully listening to the lecture
Seminar on learning the practice of business management
Delicious meals as an essential part of the seminar

What is “Do-kei-ittai (Integration of Moral and Business)”?

In the integrated management of moral and business, ultimate purpose of business is considered “development of humanity.” It is believed when companies strive for the stability and development of the nation and society, they will be successful in fostering individuals who have a mind of gratitude to every small gifts of our life and are able to proactively contribute to the society. In this sense, companies are considered as “training of human making.”

Like the saying of “companies are living individuals,” people are situated in the center of corporate management. And while capitals change its form along the business, a capital whose quality never changes but consistent are the “humanity” of people put in the center.


Character of the company which is an aggregation of humanity possessed by every individual from executives to the employees determines the outcome of various corporate activities. In this sense, character of humanity is the most decisive capital in corporate management.

Companies operate in a network of wide range of stakeholders including employees, clients, supplier and local communities And thus, when they operate their business only for the sake of their own benefits, they may succeed for a short period of time, but it will never be sustainable. “Management of San-po-zen (three-way virtue, meaning all involved parties are able to benefit)” aims for improving the character of organization and to develop companies that can continue sustainably with accumulated virtues. It is a philosophy of management that benefits all involved stakeholders in harmonious and stable way.



Theory of Integrated Management of Moral and Business

Beginners’ Seminar: Integrated Management of Moral and Business

Learning the essence of Integrated Management of Moral and Business

A seminar for people who learn about the Integrated Management of Moral and Business for the first time. The seminar provides an opportunity for executives and leaders above middle management to learn moralistic business management based on the vision that “morality and economy run together.” To improve morality of executives and to establish business ethics, we offer seminars at more than 20 locations nationwide in cooperation with local administrations and chamber of commences.

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