Seminar for new graduates

Learn the basics of working people

Key to the corporate development lies in the “humanity” of every employee of the company. Not only the skillset to deliver tasks, it indispensable to develop “human capital” that posess highly refined character for the development of companies.


Participants learn basic ideas required as businesspersons, starting from manners at workplaces to the mindset to improve one’s morality as a member of the society, thereby we flourish unseen potentials of newly graduated employees.

Characteristics of the seminar

  • – Acquiring knowledge and principles as an working adult
  • – Learning business manner required at workplaces and in communicating with clients
  • – Exploring the mindset that enable higher humanity as the core of human beings
More than 130 companies participating every year
Lecture by former employee of an airline company
Practicing business manner (handling phone calls)
Practicing business manner (exchanging business cards)

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