Moralogy for the Happiness
of People and the Society.
A sense of gratitude,
consideration and

Our Philosophy

Moralogy for the happiness of people and the society.

THE MORALOGY FOUNDATION is a research and educational organization, which conducts study of morality and ethics and promotes social education activities based on related principles. Established in 1926 by Chikuro Hiroike, PhD of Law, the organization strives for research, education and publication activities to contribute for higher humanity and morality.

Our Activities

Social contributions

In addition to our efforts to contribute to local communities, we also conduct essay recruitment projects nationwide targeting elementary school and junior high school students.

Lifelong learning

Participants learn how to start a more joyful lives while dealing with various difficulties that occur in everyday lives.

School education

We provide information related to the importance of moral education and effective delivery of classroom activities.


We provide seminars that possess highly refined character for the development of companies.


Aiming for education across successive generations, we organize campaigns that promote significance of families, essay contest.


We offer seminars that contributes to the sound development of youth.


We conduct research activities with the aim of constructing a universal morality or a common morality that can be shared by all human beings.


We publish general interest magazine to research and educational achievement as well as textbooks and books for moralogy.

Welfare care

We operate facilities that provide peace of mind to our users.

What’s Moralogy?

Moralogy is an academic field newly advocated by Hiroike Chikuro, Doctor of Law, for the first time by combining the concept of ‘moral’ with suffix ‘logy’ to denotes a new subject of study.