Greeting from the Director

The Research Center for Moral Science is a research division of the Moralogy Foundation, a public interest incorporated foundation. It consists of seven sections: Life and the Environment; Social Sciences; Human Studies; Education; Chikuro Hiroike Studies; History; and Traditional Culture, and is committed, in the academic sphere, to promoting moralogy through comprehensive and interdisciplinary research into ethics and morals.
We treat moralogy as an important academic model for the more general field of moral science, in which the principles of the human spirit and social structure in the are studied in the broadest possible terms with the aim of identifying the values that human beings, societies, and nations should hold in common. For this reason we use the results of various cutting-edge academic studies to develop moralogy as a science. More specifically, we direct our research efforts into one or more of four distinct areas: the theoretical study of ethics and morals; the practical study of ethics and morals; the theoretical study of moralogy; and the practical study of moralogy.
This year, as last, we have taken “creating new morals in a new era” as the common theme for our research activities, and while keeping a close eye on the changing conditions of the times in which we live, we are adopting a cross-disciplinary approach to discover a better path for human individuals, societies, and civilizations through the discovery of new morals in our new era. We will continue to disseminate the results of our research activities in “Studies in Moralogy”, our academic journal which we publish twice a year, as well as in a variety of academic books and other journals as well as the website of our research center.
The center will continue to advance professional research into moralogy, as well as into ethics and morals in general, by drawing on the fruits of our researchers’ findings in their individual areas of expertise. At the same time, we intend to strengthen further our cooperation with the Moralogy Foundation’s education department, and thereby contribute to the enrichment and development of lifelong learning activities based on moralogy. We greatly appreciate your continued support for the center.

April, 2024

Takao Inukai
Director, The Research Center for Moral Science,
The Moralogy Foundation