Message of the President

Building a Nation through Human Resource Development

Mototaka Hiroike,
President, Moralogy Foundation

The Moralogy Foundation was founded in 1926 by Dr. Chikuro Hiroike, LL.D, and in the subsequent 96 years has promoted research on moralogy (a moral science) and ethics, as well as engaging in social and moral education based on this research. It is a public interest incorporated foundation authorized by the Cabinet Office.

In any age, the foundation of nation-building is human resource development, and this in turn is based on moral education, which has the task of bequeathing to the next generation the traditional culture and “good national character” of diligence, honesty, civility, frugality, patience, thrift, and filial piety that we inherit from our ancestors as the fruit of our long history. “Cumulative education,” in which morality is nurtured and passed on from parents to their children and thence to their grandchildren, generation after generation, is an essential duty for us.

Our Foundation provides seminars, courses, and lectures throughout Japan in which we advocate the importance of “doing good things with a good heart.” We are also actively involved in various volunteer activities, including the Family Ties Essay project for elementary school pupils, community clean-up services, and disaster recovery support. People who support the philosophy and objectives of the Foundation are able to contribute to the creation of a good society through daily practice by participating in one of our 500 local organizations that are spread throughout Japan.

The Foundation changed its name from the Institute of Moralogy last year, and will celebrate its 100th anniversary in two years. The 21st century is not only the age of the mind, but also the “age of life.” In this era of turmoil, by keeping our founding principles at the forefront of our minds, we will strive to develop human resources with a solid national outlook, promote moral education based on a correct understanding of history, and so become an organization that contributes broadly to society. In this way we hope to rebuild strong family ties, create a society filled with a spirit of mutual respect, and so ensure the growth of “Japan as a moral nation” that is trusted and respected by the nations of the world.

We sincerely ask for your continued understanding and support.

April, 2024