Message of the President

Nation building through fostering human capital

Mototaka Hiroike, President, Public Interest Incoporated Foundation Institute of Moralogy

In pursuit of our mission “happiness for people and society through morality” since its beginning, our organization dedicated ourselves for various activities to realize a soceity with healthy and fulfilled spirits and joyful families where individuals are able to feel purpose and pleasure of life.

Last year, new era of Reiwa was inaugurated in Japan; many people wished for prosperity of the Imperial Household and our nation, world peace and happiness of mankind. Since the latter half of the fiscal year 2019, many people have been suffering and living under severe circumstances worldwide due to the spread of novel coronavirus whose case was first detected in the city of Wuhan, China.

Our ancestors, however, have been through numerous numbers of difficulties and recovered from desperation, transforming them into steppingstones to build the next age. Such ancestry spirits represent the very character of Japanese people, such as hard working, honesty, filial duties, propriety, modesty, patience and frugality, which are all fostered in our long history.

We believe duties imposed on us living in such age of upheavals are to navigate ourselves with morality and teachings of our ancestors – adding to the advanced technology and extensive amount of information available – and to finally build sustainable society that are able to be inherited to our descendants.

With the morality education for companies, schools and families as our utmost mission, we are determined to promote “nation building” through “people building” to achieve the country of morality, in cooperation with more than 500 moralogy offices in 12 blocks nationwide as well as affiliated organizations such as Nihon Dohkeikai (Japan Morality Business Association) and Reitaku schools.

It is of our wish the circle of our companionship and mutual support will further flourish in the future.

April, 2020

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