Our Vision


Throughout our history, human beings developed their thoughts to respect humanity while building and harnessing vibrant civilization of science and technology. On the other hand, there are numerous crisis that are fatal to the sustainability of the human civilization, such as ongoing environmental destruction of our planet, conflict among different ethnic and religious groups, and devastation of spiritual well-being of people.

To overcome such crisis of the mankind, it is indispensable to establish a new order and values that emerge from departure from selfishness and improvement of morality. Its fundamental philosophies are able to be found in the highly spiritual integration of integrity and benevolence both saints and wise men of east and west possessed, which prove to be consistent to the law of nature and the very truth continued throughout human history.

Chikuro Hiroike recognized such fundamentals as the utmost form of morality and established new science of moralogy; a comprehensive human science that clarifies how to practice such high form of morality and its validity. Succeeding the will of our founder, Institute of Moralogy conduct research of ethics and moraloty that will be the underlying principles of the new human civilization and educational activities to realize the sustainability, development, well-being, peace and happiness of mankind.

Foundation of Moralogy

Doctor of Law, Chikuro Hiroike

People established thought of humanity and vibrant civilization in our long history. At the same time, we are facing global level of crises such as environmental destruction, conflict among different ethnic and religious groups, and devastation of spiritual well-being of people. Chikuro Hiroike believed the only way left was for people to stop self-centered way of thinking but improve their morality. Focusing on both western and eastern saints and wise men of the past, who are said to be the teachers of mankind, Hiroike recognized their high quality of morality as the utmost form of moral. After numerous researches and attempt to prove hypothesis, Hiroike finally advocated new science of “Moralogy” in 1926, to clarify the practice of such high morality and its effect.

Field of Research

Moralogy is a comprehensive human science that aims to search and present guiding principles for people to live a good life, through considering all aspects of human lives starting from the society, nature, mankind to existing research for ethics and morality both in Japan and abroad.

From individual to society

Often, people tend to pay attention to the forms of actions and manners of “morality.” In study of Moralogy, however, thoughts and feelings of our minds are considered more important. To live a life with purpose and joy, high quality of morality shall be practiced, and improvement of nobility shall be pursuit. We envision to realize a peaceful world that are spiritually fulfilled, through nurturing individual humanity and spreading the highest form of morality at home, workplaces, and further to the society and the country.