News from Moralogy Network

Our members across the country participate in activities of Moralogy Institute for the benefits of social education and contribution. There are 500 moralogy offices across the country, where our members are actively initiating various activities.

Followings are examples of activities of our members across the country.

“G20 Osaka Summit Clean-up Campaign” implemented by Osaka-city Moralogy Association, Osaka Prefecture

On June 9th, 2019, Osaka-city Moralogy Association executed “G20 Osaka Summit Clean-up Campaign.” Osaka-city Moralogy Association planned the activity to respond to the request by the Environment Unit of the Osaka-city Municipality to implement city-wide clean-up prior to the opening of G20 Summit at Intex Osaka on June 28th – 29th.

Total of 142 members joined the clean-up activities from Namba Station to Nihombashi area.

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