Research Information

At the common stage of moral science, we discuss various aspects of morology and its surrounding areas, and hold various research groups and forums to form networks with researchers both inside and outside Japan. The results are reported in “Studies in Moralogy” etc.

Research Workshop

The Research Institute for Moral Science and Education (RIMSE) facilitates research workshops on moral theory, practice, and contemporary social issues. These workshops are organized and overseen by five distinct research projects: Moral Science, Moralogy, Moral Education, History, and Traditional Culture.

Research Colloquium

RIMSE fosters a network for moral research by facilitating dialogue with domestic and international researchers on pressing issues facing human societies and civilizations. These issues encompass studies of morality and ethics, moral education, and ethical practices.

Moral Science Research Forum

RIMSE convenes an annual Moral Science Research Forum, a two-day event fostering the exchange of research findings. It features lectures, individual presentations, and symposia. Additionally, RIMSE hosts online research forums several times a year on focused themes.

2018 mini symposium at Kashiwa venue
2018 Moral Science Research Forum at Oosaka venue