Research Information

At the common stage of moral science, we discuss various aspects of morology and its surrounding areas, and hold various research groups and forums to form networks with researchers both inside and outside Japan. The results are reported in “Studies in Moralogy” etc.

Moral Science Study Meeting

Here the latest findings in the field of moral science are presented, so that developing areas of interest in the research community can be identified, and solutions to ethical and moral issues from the standpoint of “Moralogy” and “Supreme Morality” advanced.

Moral Science Colloquium

The colloquium, meeting three times a year, functions as a convenient forum for academic dialogue amongst the Center’s members, and also facilitates exchanges with researchers elsewhere on key issues facing human beings, societies, and civilization today. Contributions from colloquium panelists and summaries of the general discussions that ensue are published in “Studies in Moralogy.

Moral Science Research Forum

This promotes outreach in a variety of forms, including lectures, individual presentations and symposia. These allow the findings of our theoretical and practical research into moral science to be shared as widely as possible, thereby drawing attention to the connections between Moralogy and contemporary ethics and moral science.

2018 mini symposium at Kashiwa venue
2018 Moral Science Research Forum at Oosaka venue