Project introduction

Research Promotion Project in Moral Science

This project aims to promote research in three key areas of moral science: 1. Business Ethics and the Integration of Morality and Economy: This strand will explore the intersection of ethical principles and economic systems. 2. Moral Philosophy and Ethics: This area will delve into the foundations of ethical theory and its practical applications. 3. Public Sphere Challenges: This research area will examine the role of morality in addressing contemporary issues affecting the public domain. Project members will investigate interconnected topics such as “morality and politics,” “law and morality,” and “citizenship and morality.”  Their work will be informed by the 18th-century Scottish tradition of “moral science” as pioneered by Hume and Adam Smith, as well as the concept of the public sphere developed by the republican school in the United States and Europe.

Research Promotion Project in Moral Education

This project aims to enhance moral education, learning, and practice across various settings – home, school, and society.  Researchers will collaborate closely with relevant departments within the Moralogy Foundation, such as the Center for Lifelong Learning and the School Education Center, to explore key themes in education and learning for each domain.

Research Promotion Project in Moralogy

This project promotes research in two key areas of Moralogy: (1) Life and Thought of Chikuro Hiroike: This strand will delve into the life and philosophical contributions of Chikuro Hiroike, the founder of Moralogy. (2) Contemporary Moral and Ethical Issues: This area will focus on identifying and analyzing ethical dilemmas of today’s society. The project aims to establish a moral foundation for promoting security, peace, and happiness for present and future generations. It will achieve this by: (A) Researching Hiroike’s Moralogy: Insights gleaned from Hiroike’s work will inform the development of this moral framework. (B) Enhancing Moral Education: Project members will explore educational methods based on Moralogy and “supreme morality” to strengthen ethical understanding.

Research Project on Cultural Tradition and National Identity

This project investigates the concept of “national ortholinon” within the framework of “ortholinons” proposed by Chikuro Hiroike, the founder of the Moralogy Foundation. The research involves collecting and analyzing historical documents and materials related to Japan’s national ortholinon. Project findings will be disseminated through various publications and a dedicated website, “Mikado Bunko.”

Research Project on Perceptions of History

This project examines the critical issue of historical awareness in contemporary society.  By drawing on both historical facts and area studies methodology, we will explore how historical understanding shapes our present. Our approach rejects value relativism and upholds the gradual progress of civilization, grounded in the belief that a universal moral system exists for humankind. Research findings will be disseminated through various publications.