We publish general interest magazine to disseminate research and educational achievement of Moralogy Institute as well as textbooks and books for educational purposes based on the principles of moralogy.

Latest Issues

Definitive edition for the teaching of “Do-kei-ittai (Integrated Management of Moral and Business)”

Main textbook for the Seminar on Integrated Management of Moral and Business
– Ultimate purpose of corporate management lies in “personal development”
– Utmost goal for companies is eternal prosperity

Aiming for business and personal development with “Do-kei-ittai (Integration of Moral and Economy)”

What is the joy of work? What is the purpose of management?
Biography of a founder who, in fight against large corporations, succeeded in participatory business management in search of “Supermarket serving for spiritual purposes”

Journey for World Peace: indication by Dalai Lama

Repetition of never-ending wars, everlasting oppression and aggression; yet, there is power of wisdom, non-violence and compassion to overcome them. An essential work to guide our humanity in the new era that has just started.

Recovering “Japanese Morality”

There was a plan to brain wash Japanese citizens even before the end of the war. Based on the latest research on recently unclassified confidential documents and others, the book explores stories behind the decision and origins of WGIP (War Guilt Information Program).

50 stories of Yamato-nadeshiko (Japanese women) to uncover colors of our history

Yamato-nadeshiko – Japanese women – who lived through the life they were given, yet changed adverse circumstances of the history into a hope. May you receive the power to live tomorrow from our pioneers.

How our successive Emperors weathered a storm

Chikuro Hiroike, the founder of Moralogy Institute for integrated human studies, dedicated his life for study on Imperial Household. A year ahead of the abdication by Heisei Emperor, members of the Moral Science Research Center challenged the theme in succession of Hiroike’s aspiration.

Periodical Publication

Monthly Magazine “Gekkan Sanpoyoshi Keiei

Gekkan Sanpoyoshi Keiei” is a business magazine for leaders who want to foster a better corporate culture and create a sustainable company to learn solid theory and practical examples.

Monthly Magazine “New Moral

Monthly magazine “New Moral” introduces ideas for daily living and act of kindness that form fulfilling lives, affectionate families, delightful workplaces and pleasant society to live.

Monthly Magazine “Reirou

Reirou” is a magazine for adult learning to explore the way of life based on the concept of moralogy. With the belief “state of mind creates your life,” we provide information that helps fostering humanity and morality of ourselves as well as building enriching interpersonal relationships.

Monthly Magazine “Manabitopia

Manabitopia is the educational information magazine of the Morality and Moral Education Foundation, which introduces research on morals and ethics, and social education projects based on morals. (Newsletter is sent to members and supporters for free of charge)

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