We publish general interest magazine to disseminate research and educational achievement of Moralogy Institute as well as textbooks and books for educational purposes based on the principles of moralogy.

Studies in Moralogy

This academic journal is published twice a year.

Booklet “NEW MORALS”

It is our hope that this booklet, New Morals, will help you in your efforts to shape an appropriate frame of mind for yourself and to do good deeds in your daily life, so that you can find a new way to live a richer life, build a happier family, make a livelier workplace and develop our society as a better place in which to live. We would like to work with you to shine clear light on what life is, for you and everyone else.

Periodical Publication

Monthly Magazine “Gekkan Sanpoyoshi Keiei

Gekkan Sanpoyoshi Keiei” is a business magazine for leaders who want to foster a better corporate culture and create a sustainable company to learn solid theory and practical examples.

Monthly Magazine “New Moral

Monthly magazine “New Moral” introduces ideas for daily living and act of kindness that form fulfilling lives, affectionate families, delightful workplaces and pleasant society to live.

Monthly Magazine “Reirou

Reirou” is a magazine for adult learning to explore the way of life based on the concept of moralogy. With the belief “state of mind creates your life,” we provide information that helps fostering humanity and morality of ourselves as well as building enriching interpersonal relationships.

Monthly Magazine “Manabitopia

Manabitopia is the educational information magazine of the Morality and Moral Education Foundation, which introduces research on morals and ethics, and social education projects based on morals. (Newsletter is sent to members and supporters for free of charge)