Moral Science Study Meeting

Aims of the Research Center for Moral Science

The Research Center for Moral Science is a research division that inherits the will of Chikuro Hiroike, the founder of the Moralogy Foundation. The center consists of seven sections (the Life and Environment Section, the Social Sciences Section, the Human Studies Section, the Education Section, the Chikuro Hiroike Studies Section, the History Section, and the Traditional Culture Section). We conduct research activities with the aim of constructing a universal morality or a common morality that can be shared by all human beings, transcending religions and ideologies, from the perspective of moral science which is the study of the principles of the human spirit and social structure from a comprehensive standpoint, and the search for the values that human beings, society, and nations should have. The center also works to create an international research network in ethics and morals by deepening exchanges with researchers and research institutions both inside and outside Japan.

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