August, 1926Chikuro Hiroike, Founder of Moralogy, established a Research Institute of Moral Science
Recognizing the day when first printed copy of “Treatise on Moral Science :
A First Attempt to Estabrish Moralogy as a New Science
” was published as its foundation day
September, 1931Starting social education activities based on moralogy (seminar hosted by Osaka Mainichi News Paper)
April, 1935Opening Moral Science Institute (current Institute of Moralogy) in Kashiwa-city, Chiba Prefecture
Starting a school specialized in moral science, with the main course (current Reitaku University, Reitaku Junior and Senior High School) and a separate course for working population to study moralogy (the preceding of lifelong learning education)
July, 1947Receiving authorization as foundation by Ministry of Education (current Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Technology: MEXT)
April, 1956First issue of “Moralogy Institute Newsletter
June, 1958First issue of “Reirou
May, 1959Opening Mizunami Social Education Center in Mizunami-city, Gifu Prefecture (current Central Japan Lifelong Learning Center)
August, 1963Organizing the 1st Educator Study Group(current Moral Education Study Group) . Since then, it has been held nationwide, mainly in July and August every year (supported by MEXT, various educational boards, etc.)
September, 1969First issue of “New Moral
November, 1972Changing the name from “Moral Science Institute” to “Institute of Moralogy”
August, 1987Organizing the 1st International Conference on Moral Science (supported by MEXT)
September, 1991Hosting Business Ethics Tokyo International Conference (supproted by Minixtry of Foreign Affairs and Minstry of International Trade and Industry)
August, 1995Organizing the 2nd International Conference on Moral Science (supported by MEXT)
April, 2000Enacting the charter of Moralogy Institute
April, 2002Organizing the 1st Moral Science International Conference
November, 2005Holding International Symposium in cooperation United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and International Research Center for Japanese Studies, at UNESCO HQ in Paris
August, 2009Organizing the 2nd Moral Science International Conference
April, 2010Approved as Public Interest Incorporated Foundation by Cabinet Office
2013Researchers Society achieving 50th gathering
July, 2015(2015)Uruwashi-no-mori Hikarigaoka (Elderly’s House with Home-Care Services ) opened
September, 201950th publication anniversary of “New Moral