Seminar for Students

We offer seminars that contributes to the sound development of youth.

10-day outdoor program for elementary and junior high school students; 2-nights 3-day seminar for high school students; and 4-nights 3-day seminar are offered for university students. Through living together with classmates who are the same age, youths foster their “mind of gratitude,” “heart of compassion” and “spirits of independence.”

Outdoor Program for Elementary and Junior High School Students

Summer adventure to foster lively spirits!

Summer camp program for elementary and junior high school students. Periods are for 3 days the shortest and 10 days the longest, depending on the locations across the country (Junior Seminar in Kashiwa, Junior Seminar in Tohoku, and Moralogy Summer Camp). Sleeping in a tent and cooking outdoor, playing in the river and ghost stories to test your courage: it is full of nature activities where you will experience overcoming difficulty in cooperation with your friends, eventually fostering “minds of gratitude,” “heart of compassion” and “spirits of independence.”

Characteristics of the program

  • – Acquiring independent spirits through various outdoor activities
  • – Fostering mind of cooperation and compassion through group activities
  • Developing thoughts of gratitude toward the nature

Seminar for High School Students

Learn! Talk! Play! 3-day seminar to make resolution

Future dream, studying, interpersonal relationships…

You only get one life; how do you want to live it? Together with friends gathered from across the country, talk with staff who are university students and your senior mentor, and navigate the next step of your life!

Characteristics of the program

  • – All planned and organize by university students!
  • – Important 3 days of life to make your resolution!
  • Find friendship that lasts for lifetime!
Group photo
Getting to know each other in group discussions
Figuring direction of life
Making the best memory of spring break!

Japan Student Moralogy Forum

Find a company of your heart!

Staff members who are university students and interested in moralogy gather every year to plan and organize a seminar for other university students. Through discussion and recreational activities with other university students, as well as lectures from specialists, participants build a solid understanding on historical background and their goal of life.

Started in 1977, the program was held more than 40 times. There are more than 3,000 participants who joined the seminar so far.

Characteristics of the program

  • – Finding goal of life with other university students!
  • – Exploring values of importance through sports and recreational activities!
  • – Find friends of lifetime!
Sport activities
Meeting new people!
Finding friends of lifetime!