Public Purpose Activity

  1. Research Activity
    Researching on moralogy and disseminating its results through academic journals and specialized publications; nurturing research academia of the field.
  2. Social Education Activity
    Organizing seminars and lectures to offer opportunities for general public to study moralogy; organizing target specific seminars and publishing textbooks and journals on moralogy.
  3. Social Contribution Activity
    Implementing social contribution activities with people who are members of the Institute, who received education of moralogy, and who resonates with the educational activities of moralogy.
  4. Publication Activity
    Publishing informational journals to disseminate the research and education of moralogy.
  5. Education Support Activity
    Supporting schools promoting research and education based on the principles of moralogy.

Business Activity

  1. Elderlies welfare services
  2. Welfare services
  3. Real estate services

To start with the Elderlies House “Uruwashi-no-mori Hikarigaoka,” we deliver various long-term care activities (such as outpatient services and preventive care, home-visit services and preventive care) in our response to the increasing demands of super aging society.