Consideration when you do “a good thing”

The manager, Mr./Ms. H, recently started cleaning the sidewalks around the factory before starting work.
When he/she heard that the president’s efforts to enhance humanity would improve the corporate culture and give employees vitality, he/she was convinced.
However, two weeks later, Mr./Ms. H was starting to irritate employees who were not going to help with the cleaning.
Employees seem to be talking with each other behind the scenes, “Cleaning ostentatiously makes us feel suffocating.”

What do we think of when we do “a good thing?”
We want to be thankful, praised, acknowledged…. Perhaps we might expect such a reward.
However, there is a completely different mind between doing “a good thing” with such a secret expectation and with thoughts purely “for the other person and others”.
It would be the turning point whether enhancing your humanity or not, and bringing joy to others or not.

(Update on 2024. Jan. 24)