Reverse thinking to improve oneself

When the thing that is inconvenient for oneself happens (When something bad happens to us), we are often to blame others for the cause.
And we blame the persons in a heart, acting for a complaint and dissatisfaction.
However, if you think of the person as a mirror that reflects on you,
you will be able to accept the person who better teaches you about shortage and immaturity of yourself, and points to reflect on faults.

We don’t review or reflect on our actions and thoughts when things are going well.
So when troubles and conflicts occur, it’s a chance to look back on yourself, and a chance to take a new step for your growth.
The idea of “Regarding someone who you want to avoid as your benefactor polishing and enhancing your heart” can be said that “Reverse thinking” which enriches our human relationships and enhances ourselves.

(Update on 2023. Sep. 20)